The source | Pusha-T claims ‘they won’t publish’ children’s book he’s been trying to write for years


Would you buy a children’s book for your child created by Pusha-T?

Fan took to Twitter to reveal he reverse engineered Clipse’s “Keys Open Doors” Hell has no fury album with an educational touch for her little one.

“I know what it’s written about, but when I play Keys Open Doors for my 2 year old it’s actually a non-double educational song,” user @thekolsky said, alluding to how the track can be used to teach a child how to literally use a door key. “I say Clipse is for children. Shout @PUSHA_T. “

The quote from Pusha-T tweeted the fan and revealed that he actually attempted to publish a children’s book but failed.

“Thanks and I’ve been trying to write a children’s book for years… they won’t publish me,” Push said, ending with a sad-faced emoji.

Journalist Keith Nelson Jr. jokingly noted the GOD Music chief’s drug references on countless records. “‘What does he REALLY mean by Snow White?'” King Push weighed in on that one as well, saying, “A simple metaphor can be the death of you.”

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