ND YWCA purchases convent building to house survivors of domestic violence


The YWCA of Fargo has purchased a building that will soon house women and children fleeing situations of domestic violence.

According to KVRR, the Fargo YWCA bought its neighboring convent to help women and children emerging from domestic violence situations. The report says the Lanter Light housing facility is expected to accommodate children and women in early 2023. What will Lantern Light do for women and children?

Erin Prochnow, CEO of YWCA Cass-Clay, said KVRR that the old convent will be able to accommodate 23 families, but it will be more than a place of life. Prochnow said the facility, which sits on more than 5 acres of land, will have a “campus-like environment” and the services to be offered include child care and education employment. Discover the full story of Lantern Light here.

In 2019, 6,330 cases of domestic violence were reported in North Dakota.

The latest information I could find on domestic violence in North Dakota is from 2019. According to CAWS North Dakota, in 2019, 6,330 cases of domestic violence were reported. And 4,999 of those cases were new victims receiving services from one of North Dakota’s 19 crisis centers. Get more statistics on domestic violence in North Dakota here.

What can the people of North Dakota do to escape domestic violence?

Domesticshelters.org has information for victims of domestic violence. Many cities in North Dakota offer resources to help victims. To learn more about finding help, click here.

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