Marcial Condenado’s new book a Morir en Libertad, a fascinating story about the redemptive journey of a condemned man after damnation and toil


Marcial said this about his book: “Marcial is sentenced to death for multiple murders, aggravated by cannibalism, eating part of the face and chest of one of her victims. unconsciousness, produced by the ingestion of a drug, is the trigger that shows the difference between the normal unconsciousness in which most of humanity lives, compared to the unconsciousness due to the effect of drugs that potentiate the beast of which he becomes the person, when his soul permanently forgets what he is, to fall into the illusions of the ego as it happens in almost all the lives of people, which leads them to seek happiness in what is obtained or in what he does.

Man is a spiritual being, endowed with a soul and a body. When the soul remains still, it deteriorates; like water which is a symbol of purity and a source of life, stagnation rots and becomes a source of contagion and death. The soul that does not choose the mind of everyone it lives in goes straight to death, dragging everything it encounters in its path, including the beings it claims to love. However, there is always hope; and this is what happens with Marcial, who walks towards death but who, in the end, manages to embark on the path of truth. “

Published by Page Publishing, Marcial’s new book Condenado a Morir en Libertad follows the redemptive moments of a man convicted of a horrific crime that challenges his being and his spiritual strength.

Consumers who wish to venture on a stimulating adventure towards discovering the essence of humanity, soul and truth can purchase Condenado a Morir en Libertad in any bookstore or online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries, you can contact Page Publishing at the following number: 866-315-2708.

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