Limerick architect publishes collection of short stories dedicated to brave night nurses


UN ESTEEMED The architect from Limerick has published a fictional book for the benefit of the night nurses of the Irish Cancer Society.

Architect John Curran has unfortunately lost both parents to cancer in recent years. In 2014, his mother, Alice Curran, passed away and John explains that he would not have been able to cope without the help of the brave night nurses.

“The night nurses are supposed to keep some emotional distance, but in the end they were as upset as we were to see my mother, Alice Curran, walk away,” John told the chief.

He continued, “They were kind, kind and always concerned about the dignity of the person they were caring for. My family will never forget that time. They have shown an excellent gift for caring. “

John says the kindness of the night nurses left such a deep impression on him and his family that he knew he wanted to give something back.

Switching to Covid-19 and spending a lot of time on most of our hands, John decided it was a great time to start writing his book.

The book, titled Atlantic Telegrams, is a collection of connected short stories. They are set in a range of different time periods and are easily digestible for readers of all types.

“It’s not heavy reading,” John remarked. “It aims to give people a boost. Some proofreaders said they went to bed crying with laughter. This is the kind of feedback I was hoping for. There is something in there to attract a large audience – comedy, plot, romance, in different historical and modern contexts. “

John lived in Shanghai for ten years and didn’t return home until March of last year. He says coming home opened his eyes to creativity and writing,

“The breathtaking landscapes of this country, the stories we tell and the humor we share, it’s a kind of medicine, which helps us to face and overcome all the adversity that is thrown at us. The more we travel the world, the more we realize how special our Atlantic island is. The watercolors in the book gently remind us that we are a people and a land full of colors. “

Every cent received by this book will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society and more particularly to the night nurses. John explained that they needed the money more than ever. “We have to keep in mind that these charities need our continued support throughout the year. Charities like the Irish Cancer Society have been wiped out by the effects of the pandemic. They never needed our support more than they do now. “

If you want to buy John Curran’s Atlantic Telegrams, you can do so on Amazon Kindle.

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