Each faction of the main characters in the book, explained


Dune is an incredibly complicated fictional universe with many complex parts. Here are all of the major factions from the books and the movie explained.

Frank Herbert Dune is a groundbreaking sci-fi epic with all manner of superhumans, witchcraft, alien races, corporate entities and political factions set in a vast and complex universe. the Dune The series of books has a rich tradition that spans the entirety of a 14-book saga. Denis Villeneuve’s next adaptation, scheduled for October 1, covers the first half of Frank Herbert’s first book. The first trailer presented to the public Dunethe sandworms, the free men, the Harkonnens, the Atreides and the reverend mothers Bene-Gesserit.

Which sets Dune apart from other sci-fi epics of its ilk, it focuses on the human elements and character factions of the universe. Instead of building a futuristic fantasy world on androids, aliens and lasers, Dune illustrates a future rich in psychotropic substances, religious fanaticism, corrupt governments and colonial conquest. In this imagined future, humanity had to survive without a computer, forcing human minds to evolve. At the same time, the expansion of society into vast expanses of space has led to corporate and political structures that closely echo those in the real world.

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Dune, like a movie, has the reputation of being notoriously difficult to adapt. The sheer size of the universe and the complexity of its inner workings pose a challenge to anyone unfamiliar with books. Even one of Hollywood’s most legendary and enigmatic directors, David Lynch, struggled to introduce audiences Dune universe. The factions of characters that inhabit Dune are dense. For those who won’t have time to read the book until October, here’s a brief rundown of all the important factions.

The Bene-Gesserit

Rebecca Ferguson in movie Dune

Women rule the world of Dune, and nothing more than the Bene-Gesserit. The Bene-Gesserit is an order of powerful women who seek to control the universe through their complex breeding system. Lady Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson in the 2021 film, is a powerful member of the Order and the mother of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides. They can choose the sex of their children, are skilled in all areas of martial arts, can essentially read minds, and use the power of the “voice” to order others to do whatever they want. They control the lineages of every house in the galaxy and are the architects of the individual religions on every planet.

The Landsraad

Dune Oscar Isaac Timothée Chalamet First Look

Politics is a complex and complex game Dune. The Landsraad is the governing body which represents all the great houses of the Imperium. Houses, similar to Game of thrones, are wealthy, land-owning families who rule the planets across the Galaxy. The Landsraad council meets to discuss intergalactic trade issues and official declarations of conflict. There are three houses which are important for the history of Dune: House Atreides on the planet Arrakis, the protagonists, House Harkonnen, their mortal enemies, and House Corrino, the Imperial Emperor. The Landsraad system is designed to control corruption, but Dune illustrates that human beings always find a way.

The spacing guild

Giant Sandworm in Dune 2020 movie

While the Landsraad controls the earth, the Space Guild and its Guild Navigators control outer space. All trade and transportation between the planets is handled by the corporate entity, which makes the guild as powerful as any of the Houses, the Emperor or the Landsraad. Navigating the galaxy requires a lot of skills that only Guild Navigators have, which gives them exclusive access to light-speed voyages. Their monopoly on commerce, banking and transportation is a pervasive force to be reckoned with across the galaxy.

Mentats, doctors Suk and Sardaukar

Described as “human computers, “Mentats have the ability to evaluate information at superhuman speed and calculate the most beneficial outcome. Thufir Hawat, played by Stephen McKinley Henderson in the upcoming film, is the House Atreides Resident Mentor. House Atreides also employs a Suk Doctor in its ranks in Doctor Yueh, which will be played by Chen Yang. Suk Doctors are highly advanced physicians with a unique conditioning that prevents them from taking human life or betraying those they serve. The Sardaukar are an elite fighting force created and used by the Emperor. The Emperor has his own prison planet, Selusa Secundus, where he creates an army of super soldiers who have never been defeated by any other fighting force in the galaxy. All these factions and many more will be within Denis Villeneuve Dune.

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  • Dune (2021)Release date: 01 October 2021

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