Dark Avengers reunite in ‘the Patriot List’ prose novel


Marvel’s Dark Avengers are a team of villains posing as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and they return in a new novel by David Guymer.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

the Dark avengers meet in The list of patriots, a new prose novel. This new novel will feature Norman Osborn at the head of a cast of villainous Avengers. This will be the second title of the Marvel untold line – one of the many innovative new lines from Marvel.

Marvel untold features new stories about iconic superheroes and villains. Novels can tell completely new adventures or provide a more in-depth look at a character – providing character development and backstory. The first novel in this line was Destiny’s Tear, which was released in December 2020. This novel saw Doctor Doom create a machine to bring back his mother’s soul. Now, Marvel’s villains will try to be heroes.

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Marvel announced that The list of patriots is the following Marvel untold story, starring Norman Osborn with his alter-ego, Green Goblin. The novel, published by Marvel and Aconyte Books, will be written by David Guymer and will be released on October 5, 2021. Norman will lead a new team of Avengers who have been secretly reunited – as when they debuted in the original comics.

Under the jurisdiction of Norman Osborn, the Avengers have been secretly reformed with the worst of super-villains. When SHIELD loyalists enter the Avengers Tower and steal footage that compromises Osborn’s reign, it’s just the first move in a plot to undermine the Dark Avengers.

Norman Osborn and his alter-ego Green Goblin aren’t going to suffer interference lying down, and he unleashes the worst of the worst to crush the manager.

The Dark Avengers were first introduced in 2009, in their own comic book series created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. In this series, Norman Osborn is reformed and assigned to this team by the government. He also has power over SHIELD, which has become HAMMER. It’s very likely that this novel will tell that story, especially since the synopsis includes a reference to the SHIELD loyalists. Osborn is about to make some big changes and not everyone will like them. The Dark Avengers are supervillains who have government permission to parade as iconic Avengers. Based on the cover art, the team for this novel will include Venom, Ares, and Moonstone – all of which were part of the early Dark Avengers. This team last appeared in 2013, so a comeback would definitely be welcome.

This could potentially support the fan theory that the Dark Avengers are coming to the MCU. After the original Disney + series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced US Agent John Walker and Contessa Fontaine, fans began to think Marvel might be gearing up for the Dark Avengers. The American Agent was a brief leader of Team Dark Avengers in an alternate reality – but without a full Norman Osborn in the MCU so far, John Walker would be a great choice for the team. He never joined the Avengers and certainly enjoyed parading like one of the best. In the future, his aggressive tendencies would allow him to fit better into an unconventional team. It’s a great way to start generating additional interest in the team and getting to grips with how it works.

David Guymer has written over fifty novels for the Warhammer 40,000 franchise. Its release credits are long and full of high intensity action, making it a very good candidate for a novel like this. Guymer has a lot of experience in expanding the tradition of Beloved Worlds, having written titles in Warhammer 40,000 The beast rises series, the Gotrek and Felix series, and Horus’ heresy: the primarchs series. He also had stories included in Warhammer 40,000 anthologies. This will be his first Marvel post. The list of patriots featuring The Dark Avengers will be released on October 5, 2021.

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