College class teams with a national project to publish a book


GREENDALE, WI – A Grade 8 social studies class in Greendale, led by teacher Erin McCarthy, publishes 63-page book on their American identity, pandemic education and more, according to a press release .

The book is woven from dozens of individual student short stories on various topics. Many have focused on their learning experiences during the pandemic, but others focus on family challenges, losses and transitions, according to a spokesperson for Greendale Schools.

The class teamed up with the whole country We are america book publication project. The project was founded by a class at Lowell High School in Massachusetts in 2019. These high school students first sought to define what they thought it meant to be an American.. The WAA project has since spread to classrooms across America, including Ms. McCarthy’s in Greendale.

Much like the original high school class, the project led Greendale students through a process where they first learned about American identity. They then looked for connections between their own history and the larger history of American identity. Subsequently, they wrote poems about how they connect, as individuals, to the world around them. These poems provided a basis for the short stories they wrote.

This news will now be released, making the class experience its own time capsule. Stories will also be posted online among other students in the country participating in the project.

Dozens of teachers from all over America have joined the project. Each led the production of a book for their own class. More than 1,500 students across the country participated, according to the project’s website.

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