Bondi’s Island landfill fire in Agawam could burn for days


AGAWAM – A fire on Bondi Island that has blanketed the area in thick smoke and ash could burn over the weekend.

“This will be a long-running event that could last for several days,” West Springfield Fire Department officials said on Facebook.

Fire erupted around 1 p.m. Thursday in the Bondi Island landfill area. There are piles of brush, compost and trash at the landfill; officials did not say what is burning.

“There is a major fire at the Bondi’s Island landfill. Several fire department crews are on the scene and are working to put it out. Heavy smoke is in the area and is blowing further away due to the windy conditions, ”Agawam police posted on their Facebook page.

Due to firefighting efforts, Route 5 between Memorial Bridge and South End Bridge has been reduced to one lane. Traffic is expected to be slow and drivers are advised to take an alternate route, especially during busy commuting hours, to facilitate firefighting, police said.

Agawam firefighters remain on the scene and were not available for updates.

The state hazardous materials team also responded to the fire and monitored air quality as a precaution. “We don’t expect there to be an air quality issue,” West Springfield Fire officials said.

Residents near the fire are warned to keep their windows closed. High winds made it more difficult to fight the blaze and blanketed much of West Springfield, Agawam and downtown Springfield in thick, thick smoke. The smoke has spread to Chicopee, West Springfield Fire officials said.

West Springfield firefighters were the first to be called in to help Agawam firefighters with the blaze. On Thursday evening, several others joined them, including Springfield and Chicopee.

The Westover Air Reserve Base Fire Department, which provided a foam truck along with several other crews and devices, was among those who answered the call. The foam is designed to extinguish fuel fires, but it cuts off all the oxygen in a fire and may be more effective than water at fighting fires, officials said.

Springfield officials also announced that the landfill will be closed to residents depositing yard waste Friday and Saturday due to the fire.

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