What to take with you in trip?

You can forget about travel checks, it’s an outdated format, which almost no one uses anymore. To pay for travel expenses, take some cash (dollars or euros) and a card. Rather, two cards issued by different banks and related to different payment systems. Visa and MasterCard have different bonuses and discounts programs: in some cafes or hotels it will be more profitable to pay with one card, in others – another. In addition, if something goes wrong with one of the cards, you will always have insurance.

In some countries, other payment systems are more common. In Japan, for example, most ATMs work only with JCB. In China, the main payment system is UnionPay.
Layfak. In many countries it is already possible not to carry with them not only cash, but even a card, enough smartphone with a connected payment system – with the help of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay today you can pay in almost any contactless terminal.

How to change currency

The universal currency for travel is dollars and euro. But their course towards the ruble, as we all remember, can sometimes change dramatically. Therefore, to postpone until you get a weighty sum, and then change everything in a hurry – the venture is rather risky. It is better to do this in small portions for a while – then you definitely do not smoke on a sudden jump.
If you still prefer the good old exchangers, then before the hike, compare the courses at different points – on the network there are a lot of services-aggregators (for example, sravni.ru or cash.rbc.ru).
Lifehack. The best time to exchange online is from 11:00 to 17:00. At this time, the exchange operates and banks offer the most profitable rate.
What to do, if…
… when you check into a hotel on your debit card they freeze money

Best of all, do not allow this situation and offer the hotel to leave a deposit in cash or to refuse a mini-bar and pay extra costs immediately, rather than write to the number.

… the hotel or car rental has withdrawn money from the card after your departure

Hotels and car rental companies can justify their actions by the fact that you have damaged the number or car. If you do not agree with this, contact the bank and ask for a chargeback (protest of the transaction). The procedure may take more than a month, but if you are really not guilty of anything, you have a good chance of a return.

… you lost the card

As soon as possible, call your bank and block the card. This can also be done through an online bank or mobile application. Call the number of the call center from the card to the contact list on the phone, so as not to waste time searching for it.


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