What are the trips and what to do in them?

Regardless of why you went to another city or country, think about how to combine pleasure and business, or set yourself the task of exploring this region in terms of opportunities for your professional activities during your trip. The most popular types of travel: – trip on a tour package; – an independent trip to another city / country when you buy a ticket and book the hotel on the Internet; – visit to friends or relatives; – business trip, trip related to professional activity, attendance of a conference or exhibition; – photo tour (trips for lovers of taking photos or taking photos); – study tour (language courses, workshops of specialists, successful in this or that branch); – promotional tour (such trips are organized specifically for employees of travel agencies, event specialists).

For a trip to be effective, take a look at your list of “I can do” or “I love doing”, which lists your favorite activities.
Conduct a brainstorm before the trip to determine what your favorite activities can be useful to you and other people on the trip: – what can you teach; – what can you sell / offer as a service; – what your talent allows you to work remotely, being in any city or country. In any trip, even a tourist trip, try to keep professional notes: would you like to hold some kind of event here? Master Class? to borrow experience? Take photos and sign your photos.

Look around, ask questions, write down contact numbers.

And the most important secret is that when an incendiary idea appears, everything else will be attracted by itself. This is the law of the universe. Do we argue with him? So, if you want to start earning, traveling, follow your heart and a few simple instructions.


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