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The option to escape to the edge of the world today is as relevant as ever. Short, but frequent sallies to Europe have been replaced by long round-the-world voyages – in the spirit of the list “What you need to do in life”. The key condition of such tours is adventure. We start from the African Red Dunes – and forward, to Lake Michigan! Given the increased level of stress and the constant connection with the world, to be in a hotel far from civilization – the highest reward for a workaholic. For example, on the Iceland Peninsula of Snayfeldsnes, near the lava field, there is nothing, but the Búðir ​​hotel and lonely glaciers. Look at the frozen Atlantic Ocean from the windows of the Fogo Island Inn on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. Book a room in one of the most remote hotels in Chile, Estancia Cerro Guido, among the crazy gusts of wind on the border of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. By the way, the way to these remote places is also included in the trip – it does not matter if you get through the frozen Baltic Sea to a secret island along the coasts of Estonia or jump into an amateur plane to disappear among the boundless wildlife of Alaska. If you like to eat deliciously, wine card in restaurants and regularly arrange with friends’ gastronomic evenings – you are exactly here. Direction sets the taste preferences of a tourist. Traditionally, Europe is considered a Mecca for gourmets, but recently there are more and more fans of Asian cuisine. Connoisseurs of refined beverages are most often chosen by France, Italy and Hungary, and sweethearts like Belgium and Spain. If you simply eat, pray, love is not enough for you, go into slavery in one of the gastronomic schools: two-week programs will make at least worthy head chef of you. Here, the best of the best will teach how to properly chop the pepper and with which sauce should be served fillet of a young lamb. For particularly discerning, I advise you to pay attention to dietary and ecological tours. The risk of gaining a couple of extra pounds on such trips is minimized.


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