Tips for those who travel with big company

Those who travel with family or a group of friends, face problems with accommodation in the hotel or travel around the city. Together with the reviews of such travelers, we have collected useful advice that will help them avoid.
So, the whole company managed to fly in one day and on the same plane. Now we also need to get to the place where we live together. It is most convenient to order a transfer by minibus. Thanks to a pre-order transfer you do not need to worry about where to rent a local currency or where to take a taxi.
It also solves the issue of placing sports equipment for those who decided to go with friends on snowboards or skiing.
If you go on a trip with grandparents, it will be much more comfortable to travel around the city on a transfer than on a bus, where there is no guarantee that there will be enough seats for everyone. It is also important for those who travel with a small child. The driver will certainly take a child seat or booster, if you specify this when placing an order.
When ordering a transfer from the airport, you must specify the full flight number of the flight. This information is needed by the operator to accurately track the delay or arrival ahead of time and to orientate when the machine should be in place. He will meet you on time and in the exact place – so close to the arrival zone, as far as airport rules allow.

Despite the convenience of modern hotels, they all have one drawback: often a large company is difficult to settle together. If you are traveling with a child, then choosing a hotel with suitable conditions and an adequate price in the center and its surroundings will not be so easy.
We advise you to rent your home abroad. In this, for example, the Airbnb site can help. This will save not only money for housing, but also time, because you do not have to wait until everyone gets together in one place.

Renting your accommodation is also a convenient option for those who travel with children. In the kitchen you can prepare a meal familiar to the child, and in a large refrigerator, unlike a small hotel room, all the necessary products will fit. In addition, you do not have to argue about where to go to eat at night and how to divide the check. Some restaurants charge a table service for a large group. The dinner for two in a restaurant in Barcelona, ​​for example, will cost around 40 euros. At the same time, you can buy fresh fish or seafood, meat, cheese and wine in the supermarket – and eat these products for several days.

Let’s summarize
• when buying air tickets, make out a separate application for a group of 10 or more people to ensure that everyone flies together;
• instead of settling in several rooms at the hotel, rent a joint house to save money and time for fees;
• order a transfer to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city, not to think about where and how to store your luggage, and to provide maximum comfort to your loved ones.


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