How to travel by car

Traveling by car is always freedom of movement, almost unlimited amount of luggage and, most importantly, the ability to change the route at any time. The time to prepare for a trip depends on the distance traveled, the condition of the car and how thoroughly you want to think it through. Before traveling, specify the technical condition of the car and eliminate all identified shortcomings. Do not forget to put the right tires, because in most European countries spikes are prohibited and in winter it is better to go on so-called Velcro, but in Scandinavia, on the contrary, they may require rubber with spikes. It is not necessary to wash the car just before crossing the border, but the day before the trip begins, it is better to do it (it practically does not get dirty during the traffic in European countries).

To small backpacks the guards do not pay attention, but large luggage, glass or headlight damage can attract the attention of border guards and lead to additional questions. In the car it is necessary to have such things as: first-aid kit (do not forget to check its composition and expiration date of medicines), emergency stop sign (triangle) and reflective vest, tow rope, pump, car brush, washing liquid for glasses, what and when can come in handy, and besides some of these items must necessarily be in the car in accordance with the laws of European states.

What not worth taking is anti-radar:

In many European countries they are banned, and in some even illegal, and their presence entails fines. What road without delicious snacks? I advise you to take a lot of different food – and a little bit. One and the same quickly get bored, and it’s hard to guess what it will. But definitely you should not take strongly smelling and strongly dirty products, because the journey is long and I want to spend it with comfort. The road is long, and you will spend a lot of time in the car, so it is better to stock up on music in advance for every taste and mood. Another thing is to grab a blanket and a small pillow to take a quick nap while your companion is driving.
With auto travel it is worth remembering that countries differ not only in their history, architecture and culture, but also in the cost of gasoline, the presence or absence of toll roads, the rules of the road, so carefully read all the details in order to avoid unpleasant and sudden situations. To spend these days with the greatest pleasure, it is worth to be ready for this.


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