How to spend your journey with profit?

The fact is that there is a satisfied number of young entrepreneurs who want to engage in serious business and advance themselves into the future, but still want to feel that freedom of movement as for the last time. Therefore, there are several ways how not to lose your professional skills and not lose your status in time for long trips, and even get good benefits.

Introduce yourself
When traveling, talk about yourself and your business at every opportunity. If you have an iPad or another gadget on which you can show what you are doing, be sure to do it. Believe me, even if a person does not become your client this minute, there is a chance that he will remember you when your services are needed. This way in waiting rooms, airplanes, trains, during transfers, at friendly dinners, you can find many cool customers.

Learn about the hottest seasons
The best time for projects and shares on vacation, of course, is the high tourist season. So, family activities – photo sessions and master classes – are most effectively spent during school holidays. If you are going to conduct business in another country, be sure to specify when an influx of tourists is expected. Also find out the top destinations for family trips from your city and offer your services on the road.

Meet and talk
The easiest way to find answers to many questions is to take the guide. Find a guide that speaks at your language and arrange a personal excursion. During such a walk you can not only hear the story about the history and sights of the country, but also find out all the information you are interested in from a professional point of view. The uniqueness of such people is that they are well aware of the soul of your country and have appropriate knowledge the laws and rules of a foreign country.

Use the strength of weak links
If you are just going abroad (for example, on vacation), report this on your pages on social networks. Say that you are ready to organize a photo shoot, shoot family movies, an art project, a romantic date, a symbolic ceremony, a master class “Artist for a day.” Describe the product, attach an emotional picture, date the date, send it to potential customers, ask your friends to make outposts. To begin with, these projects can be free, non-profit. The path to success begins with the first step, so you just have to step forward.


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