Getting Credit Card without Credit Check

The answer to the question of the title, although there is no official statistic to support it, is categorical: it is not possible to have credit cards without credit check . This conclusion is reached after observing the limitations to credit by banks and the importance they give to all delinquent listings: not only Asnef, but also RAI or Experian, among others. In this article we tell you what latest cards you can play to try to access credit cards without credit check RAI or Experian and what alternative financing you have left after obtaining NO in your bank.

Differences between cards and loans

cards and loans

You may be thinking: “I need a credit card but I am in Asnef” and that you have already lost all hope of getting it. As we wrote in previous lines, request credit cards without credit check through a bank is almost a chimera unless you get out of debt without paying or paying the debt. Any type of credit card, either a Visa card without credit check, a Master Card.

However, in Lender loan will provide you with solutions similar to those that a bank can offer but in better conditions when it comes to obtaining credit cards without credit check RAI or Experian, regardless of your situation . And is that when the debts do not stop accumulating and paralyzes the payment of them, that can lead to a really serious problem. That is why we emphasize that you should put a solution as soon as possible to any debt and, if possible, if you have already been included in the Asnef list.

In any case, you can get the financing you need in Lender loan, whatever your current situation may be. Although, first of all, it is convenient to have clear the differences between the cards and the loans:

  • In the return of the amount : In the loans, the entity grants all the money, while in the credits the client has what he needs, without exceeding the agreed and established limit.
  • In the amortization : In the credits it is renewed as many times as necessary and as the amount dispensed can be amortized. In loans, this is not the case, since the amount that was requested at the time must be delivered within a set time period.
  • In the interests: In the loans, they are periodic installments that are paid in their entirety together with the own amount of the quota. In loans, interest is only paid interest according to the capital provided by the client.


General requirements to get a credit card

General requirements to get a credit card

To get the best credit card you must meet a series of requirements. Most financial entities comply with what we are going to tell you, below. Although, you should know that some may have additional conditions depending on the different types of credit card or what you want to get. These are:

  • Be of age. Being between 18 and 25 years old is essential to be able to acquire this benefit.
  • Count on a payroll . The best credit cards and the normal ones, have this requirement as indispensable. If you can not prove that you have a stable job with a recurring income, you will be denied.
  • Not be on any list of defaulters . How to get a credit card is a relatively simple task if you do not find yourself on a list like ASNEF’s. If, unfortunately, you are in this situation, the entity will automatically deny the concession.

These are the three most common requirements that you usually request. Anyway, each bank has its own and will have additional conditions that may be more difficult to meet.

How to get a credit card is complicated if you find yourself on a list of defaults or debts . So we offer you the line of credit without credit check . Thanks to Lender loan you can get a loan or an extra credit, up to 750 euros. You do not need to have a credit card to have the money you need.

Nowadays, Lender loan has become the solution for most people in Spain. If you want to get fast money, in less than 24 hours, count on us! You will not have to wait fifteen days, as with a bank. We are the fastest, most efficient and responsible company in Spain. Contact YA and see for yourself!


How to request credit cards without credit check in your bank

How to request credit cards without credit check in your bank

There is no Spanish or European law that states that it is not possible to have credit cards without credit check. Actually, as we explained in previous articles, Asnef is just a private data file that manages the company Equifax, to which many companies that sell products or services directly to customers are assigned with the intention of knowing if a certain person has outstanding debts with other companies. Therefore, although it respects the current legislation, it is a private tool. So the decision to restrict services to customers is made voluntarily for lack of confidence in people who are delinquent as is usual with banks and money without credit check .

That is why banks do not sell financial products to those who are part of this list of defaulters, even if they can credit sufficient funds in a personal checking account of that bank or another. In this sense, it should be remembered that the credit card is actually a financing tool that the bank gives the customer: the expenses that are made with the card, which are computed at the end of the month, can be made before then thanks that the bank grants a small credit in advance at the time of making the purchase. Hence its name.

Realistically, getting a credit card in a bank office while on the Asnef list is little less than an impossible mission. If in spite of it you want to try it, here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Maintain a friendly attitude
  • Inform yourself that you are in Asnef since the bank would eventually discover it as well. In that case, the demonstrated sincerity could generate a small ray of confidence to take your request into consideration.
  • Explain what situation is the debt for which you are enrolled in Asnef, especially if it is appealed and your appeal seems to come out winner.
  • Validate the possibility of paying off your Asnef debt, since the benefits you get from having a credit card can be more important than the disadvantages generated by being on that list of defaulters.


Alternatives to credit cards without credit check

Alternatives to credit cards without credit check

In any case, it is convenient not to fall into despair, since there are alternative financing for those who are part of a file of defaulters. That solution is fast online credit cards and online microcredits that, in practice, can be used in a similar way. You can order a credit card without credit check online or a personalized credit to have a money at the beginning or mid month to make an immediate expense, paying off that credit at the end of the month, after having collected the payroll, the pension, the benefit for unemployment or any other income that is indicated.

How to request credit cards without credit check? With Lender loan, one of the great websites that make this alternative possible to credit cards without credit check from banks. You can request immediate online credits with a return period of up to 30 days, similar or superior to the period that elapses between a credit card expense and the first charge that applies to the client’s current account. The caveat is that in online mini-loans online the money is returned once, but the larger loans work like fast online credit cards with us, you can manage them as you wish, in easy installments.

In Lender loan customers can request up to € 750 of credit, which is received quickly and safely. And that amount of money can even be accessed by people who are on the Asnef list: after an analysis of each case, Lender loan will accept your request or, otherwise, will put you in touch with other companies that are in a position to process the requested credit. Forget about credit cards without credit check through banks and opt for an online credit similar to the credit card without credit check online but with greater advantages.

This attitude, which is more open to clients, who even have the possibility of being part of loyalty programs, has made Lender loan’s acceptance ratio one of the highest: more than 9 out of 10 applications received are accepted by our company. website, which makes us an alternative solution to the impossible mission of getting credit cards without credit check.