Car rental abroad: lifehacks and pitfalls

A car is not an attribute of prosperity, but a guarantee of freedom of movement, and abroad it is no less relevant than in native lands. We share useful tips that will help you not be trapped when renting a car on a long trip and directly on the road. What should I notice for when signing a contract:
If you notice that the contract specifies one volume of fuel, but in fact it will be half full – do not hesitate to point this out to the manager. Also do not forget that it is necessary to return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was received. Be sure to keep a receipt from the last refueling.


You booked the car in advance online, but already on the spot found that right now it is not available. In this case, the company must provide you a car of the same class with the same type of transmission or a car of a higher class at no extra charge.


The need for a thorough check of the car for even the smallest scratches is an obvious fact. However, one thing to check, and the other – to ensure that all the damage is documented. Do not hesitate to re-read the act of transmission several times – the extra five minutes can save you a lot of nerve cells and a tidy sum later.

2. Applications for drivers

AutoGuard Blackbox (available only on Android OS)
As the name implies, in fact it is the “black box” of your car. AGBB records the whole process of driving in high quality, takes into account the speed of driving, position on the map, etc.


This “Wikipedia” for parking, with more than 60 million parking spaces in 75 countries. With its help, drivers can find parking at the address or their location, learn about the number of available seats, hours of work, prices and methods of payment.

MyCar Locator

Wand-help for those who every time lose his car, MCL helps to find your car. If you put the jokes aside, just imagine that you stopped at a huge parking lot or found yourself in an unfamiliar city and parked and decided to walk and got carried away a little. MCL works with GPS; To ensure that the application remembers the location of your parking, just one button press.
If you have trouble on the road – do not panic, on most routes every kilometer there is an apparatus for emergency communication with the police. In some countries where the system of payment for travel on motorways, bridges and tunnels, for example, in the USA, Portugal, the UAE and Norway, when renting a car, you can activate a special device “transponder”. With a transponder, you can pass through payment points without stopping, which will save considerable time. In a number of countries, for example, in Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, a vignette is required (a sticker confirming the payment for travel on high-speed roads). To avoid fines when entering these countries, you need to purchase it yourself. This will help to always stay in touch with family and friends, as well as save on renting a navigator.


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