The Effectiveness of Business: Strategy

If you make a mistake, made the wrong assumption, put the wrong goal. You need to fix this.
Before opening your case, you need to analyze the situation from all sides, write a business plan or consult an accountant and a lawyer.
In any business, only two basic skills are important: to increase sales and reduce costs. There are various ways to increase sales: advertising campaigns, improving customer service, improving product quality, etc. Reduce costs can purchase raw materials at a lower price, improve productivity, control costs. But sometimes the reasons for the increase in costs are not so noticeable.
The effectiveness of the business is determined by job descriptions, the degree of delegation of authority and the right people for each task.
Any business should be well-structured to meet the needs of the company. Entrepreneurs should learn to transfer authority and responsibility to employees. For this, it is necessary to understand that each person has his talents and his contribution can be more valuable than yours. It is equally important to hire the best people, teach them and keep them in the company.
The main rule of business is to always have money and never spend it completely. The rules for obtaining a loan are based on two convictions of the employees of the bank’s credit department:

  1. If you need money, you will not receive them;
  2. If you do not need money, then you can easily get them.

The cost of the business is directly proportional to the number of customers you are interested in and saved. The goal of the business owner is to attract new customers. The principle of “acquaintance with the product – test – use” always works. Do so that potential customers learn about your product, encourage them to try it and hold it back.
Too often people wait and do not start a business, because they want to enter the market with a new idea, with something that has never been done before, or make something special. But new ideas often do not work, or they do not work fast enough. It’s hard to be a leader: discoverers of new territories often have to pay dearly before they receive a reward. If we talk about business, then it is based on imitation.


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