Best periods to play online poker

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When a player begins to participate in tournaments with serious amounts, he has to concentrate as much as possible and give all his best to the game. In this case, the question of what time is best to play online poker becomes relevant.
Opinions of both experienced players and beginners differ. Some claim that they are lucky only at night, and only at this time can they achieve concentration on the game. Others are able to play only in the evening hours on weekdays, and in the morning on weekends. Still, others insist that for everyone the ideal time is determined by mood and desire to play, which most often does not depend on a clock.
Time factor
The choice of the optimal time for playing online poker depends on many factors.
Number of online players
Checking the number of players who are online, allows you to decide whether it will be profitable to participate in the game at this particular moment. Usually, in the evening, the maximum number of participants online plays poker. It is important to adequately assess your chances of winning a game with a large number of opponents.
Days of the week
It is believed that it is better to play poker on weekends. Why? Experienced players, for whom online poker is the main way to make money, on weekends, try to escape from the game and to take a break from it. That is why at this time it is easier to play against simple players
Times of a day
Despite the fact that in the evening it is not always possible to concentrate on the game, many online players prefer to play poker in a day. During this period, there are many weak players at the tables and it is really easy to play against them.
Tournaments and cash games
Tournaments with guaranteed prizes are most often held in the evening or on weekends, which causes a large influx of players, so during this period, it is easy to succeed. The decision on whether to join the game at the newly opened tables or join the players who have been fighting for more than one hour depends largely on the player’s experience.