AstroTourism and how to combine them with cruises

The habit of following the stars entered our flesh and blood from time immemorial. According to the World Tourism Association, we again reached out to the stars – speed gaining astrotourism. Thousands of people on the planet annually plan a holiday according to the lunar calendar, in the places of the largest cluster of stars – and this is not Hollywood or Saint-Tropez. It is worth saying that such trips do not have an attitude toward astrology and horoscopes. In the program – a long observation of the northern lights, moon and solar eclipse, meteorite rain and even, the passage of the asteroid. The sky over Chile, South Africa, Jordan, the Canary and Hawaiian Islands is particularly transparent. Although on the expanses of Lapland there is a tiny village of Luosto, where every year hundreds of European astrologers come together. Is it worth visiting these countries and islands without walks on the seas and oceans, which open up new horizons for the traveler? Definitely yes! This passive type of vacation is called cruises. Oh, this is a magic word that dreams millions of office workers and budget tourists with $ 50 in their pockets. This favorite kind of rest is for everyone who is not afraid to stand alone on the deck at night and look at the stars or diving. Not less love this holiday pensioners, whose number on board beats records all over the world. Because of the cost of a week of rest on the liner has already become equal with the price of the tour to Egypt, while the level of service and the scale of impressions is an order of magnitude higher. And if the issue of price is still acute, there are budget options on board – for example, a cabin without windows. But this does not detract from the charms of the trip: every day the liner arrives in a new city, so there is almost no time to sit in the room. In addition, cruise ships are whole resorts on the water with their pools, cinemas, casinos, bars and even shopping centers. Recently, themed cruises have become very fashionable. For example, boat trips from the company P & O Cruises are entirely devoted to dances. For introvert, too, there was a place – in the trend of walks past islands or along rivers. The company will make you several dozen people, most of whom are newlyweds. Even if you do not like entertainment on the deck and walking around new arrival areas of the liner, take a delicious cocktail at the bar, sunglasses, headphones and enjoy beautiful views of new and unexplored places.


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