300 words about journeys or how to feel the whole charm of trips

Approximately since 2014, travel has become something more than just a visit to the desired countries and islands. The fact is that humanity is evolving and every year comes up with new ways to relax and earn, or combine it together, or how to relax a week for $ 100. This is not surprising, since the years of simple slavery in boring offices for $ 400 per month pass and the new era of “Worker’s Rest and Generation of Rebellious Guys” is being perfected. Very often you can hear reviews of older people that young people do not want to do anything, they sit in front of TVs and computers, spend parental money. These reviews can easily be arguing by an unlimited number of examples, people 17-25 years old, who at their age already had time to visit 40 countries and islands, earn on apartments and cars. All this is due to a sharp jump of enthusiasm. That is, young people having heard plenty of stories about boring work for pennies, sitting up pants in one chair for the rest of their days, began to develop their plans for the future and change the perception of the further successful life. Thus, those people who worked where they do not like abandoned their employment and began to think about something new. One such example is the Sabbatical. This is rest-vacation. This is the time that the company gives you for rest and personal growth. At this time, young people go to the islands, Bali, Thailand, Nepal and other Asian countries that now are popular to experience the practice of meditation, to admire the horizons that they will never see in their native lands and relax from the daily routine that they saw in nightmares. But the most unpredictable is that very many do not return to their previous work after that, they find something new, something that will not allow them to be the same. Traveling is not just photos and museums, it’s what changes you from the inside and afterwards even outwardly. They make you wake up and see the world as it is, looking out the edges of the box you’ve always been in. Therefore, there is one proverb “If your work does not allow you to travel, then it’s time to change jobs.”


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